Diwata Oracle Card Reading

$35.00 USD

Thank you for wanting to connect! This is my first time providing this service not typical of my usual person to person interactions, but I felt it was time offer this.

Each oracle reading will be via email and in 2 parts. The Diwatas and then The Cards.

When you purchase a reading, I will be contacting you to ask if you would just like a General "what you need to hear right now" message or if you have a specific concern.

I'll also be asking you to intuitively choose 3 Diwatas from an attachment that I will be also sending you in the same email. I'll wait for your response before going on to the 2nd part of the reading: Your Cards.

The 2nd part will include a combination of tarot and oracle cards. And I will provide a PDF that includes photos and write ups of what the cards and Diwata are telling me.
A recorded video will also be included with each reading!

**Please remember to check your inbox and spam folders if you do not see any correspondence with me.

*** Each reading may take up to 3 Business Days to be delivered.